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kor group

Doug Rickert

Designer, Creative Strategy Doug Rickert

Building brands is a walk in the park (or the museum, or the aquarium)

A young designer with exceptional skills and fresh ideas. A design philosophy informed by study of letterpress and typography, and an exploration of visual styles at home and around the world.  At kor group, Doug’s day-to-day includes brainstorming concepts with the creative team, designing print and digital advertising, and working on pieces that are part of larger communications programs, as well as handling digital and print production.

happiness is:
Brainstorming a killer concept. Working with great photographers. A walk in the park. Crisp German beer. Foreign TV. Pants with secret iPhone pockets.

Degree in graphic design from Mass College of Art and Design, along with work experience at Moth Design, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Captains of Industry. Doug also led tours at MassArt and worked as a nursery sales associate (and by nursery we mean place where plants grow, not room full of screeching babies). 

brand soundbite:
“I don’t think I would say that I have a favorite brand, but I always appreciate when cultural and scientific institutions have a strong visual identity. When a museum or zoo or an aquarium has an exciting brand, that’s a place where I want to be.”

lunchtime chatter:
Projected winner of the next World Cup. Dogs > cats. Angry Birds. Slightly unhealthy Kristen Wigg obsession.