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Caitlin Dorr: Student Design Days

My day at kor was a refreshing and eye opening experience.

Immediately upon walking through the door, I was warmly welcomed by Margaret and the other team members. Over the course of the day, I sat in on two meetings and was pleasantly surprised when I was asked my opinions on the topics being discussed. Everyone was interested in what I had to say and it was encouraging to feel a part of the conversation and not just a spectator. At lunch, I ate my very first gluten-free BLT as a treat from kor group and then we all sat together in the kitchen talking and joking around. MB and I had a portfolio review session where I got very useful advice not only pertaining to my work but also about getting into the design job market. I also spent a portion of my day designing a fun greeting card, having my very own photoshoot, and writing this blog post. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined learning in just one day and I now feel better prepared to enter into the "real world" after graduating in May.

Thanks for everything!
Caitlin Dorr

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YAYYY! 15 seconds of fame!

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