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Caitlyn Manning: Student Design Days

Today started off great, Jim, who had yet to know who I was, welcomed me and was a great elevator companion.

Margaret was super welcoming and quickly gave me a tour throughout the studio, along with offering me a variety of beverage options. It was great to learn everything from Doug, he was incredibly friendly and taught me a few things about printing. I had a great time grabbing food and talking to the other designers about their projects, and how some of them were going on a trip to visit a client. Having my photo being taken was a little different since I’m usually the one behind the camera, but talking to Camila about my projects and my dog made it easy. I felt welcomed by Karen, M.B. and Anne, all three made it really easy to just relax and enjoy my time here. Getting feed back from Amy and Karen was great, they were fresh new eyes on my project, and they had some great ideas for me to try out. Today was a great experience, and I truly appreciate being invited. By the way did you know Matt is English?

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