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Carl Bowman: Student Design Days

The team of kor group so humbly invited me into their studio, for an experience unlike any other.

My fears of being an outsider were quickly interrupted by the friendly hellos and shaking of hands as I ventured into their timeless home. A place where passion trumps time and the brief fleeting moments of the day are captured in concept and story. As individual designers opened their doors to their process I felt a sense of comfort in knowing there is no right path. That no matter the conclusion, be it a logo, website, or system of design, the journey we take in sketching, pushing pixels, or interpretive dance is necessary. They say there are no stupid questions, except the ones we do not ask. The odd sketch on the corner of the paper is just as relevant to the final product. As designers they taught me the river is as much of the final design as the bridge itself. That the studio is both a space and a product of a group of wonderful people.

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