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Fall Intern: Shin reflects on time spent at kor

This fall semester was possibly one of the best fall semesters so far. Refreshed from my summer vacation, coming back to school for my senior year, and having my first design internship.

It was great to be back at kor group. I was actually one of the twenty students who visited kor group during the student design days, where I was given the fabulous opportunity to continue on as their fall intern. Coming back to kor group, I was able to experience the design world filled with excitement and exotic tastes.

This fall, I spent 12 hours every week at kor group. Coming every Monday morning with a cup of coffee, I worked on various projects which ranged from advertisement designs, identity designs, document editing, and anything else that I could do to help out. Well, how was my time? Probably can't explain everything in one single blog post, because I learned so much. This internship was an eye-opener for me as a designer. Through working on various projects with the talented designers at kor group, it clearly taught me many lessons to move forward in the design field. What am I strong at? What are my weaknesses? What can I improve on to overcome my weaknesses? What is that "thing" in my body of work which makes my ideas and concepts strong?

Working as an intern, I was able to experience graphic design from the perspectives of a student, and also as a young designer moving forward into the professional world. The knowledge that I acquired at kor group is truly valuable and it definitely answered my questions to what I am capable of as a designer.

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