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Juliana Farnham: Student Design Days

I started out my day at kor sitting in on a Monday morning meeting. A lot of words, terms, and projects where thrown around that I didn’t know anything about, but that didn’t matter.

I got to see how everyone on the kor team collaborated, divided responsibilities, set deadlines, and communicated with each other about the work they were doing–an inside look into the collective mind of kor. Then I had some of my work reviewed by Anne and Jim. They had lots of great feedback about projects and interesting things to say about my ideas for my senior year degree project. After working on a fun greeting card and sitting down to a group lunch (on the house!), I spent most of my day with Doug. He showed me all the projects he was currently working on, lots of amazing print pieces–branding, identities, stationery, etc. We talked a lot about print production and the process and steps that go into developing and printing final deliverables. Then I had a good chat and quick photo session with Camilla and Doug, and sat down to start writing this blog. My day’s not quite over yet, as there’s still a critique meeting to come, but it’s been a fantastically informing time, and everyone has been so friendly and kind.

Today, I got to see the inner workings of a polished, hard-working, talented design firm and got free carrot cupcakes (Thanks Margaret!) Not a bad day.

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