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Lauren Sullivan: Student Design Days

Today was a productive day at kor. Getting off the elevator I immediately felt welcomed by Margaret, who offered me tea and took me on a tour of the space.

The studio is an open and inviting space filled with wonderful people. Doug pleasantly guided me through my busy day. My morning at kor included watching a quick photo shoot for a proposal they were working on, sitting in on a few critiques, having my portfolio reviewed by Karen and Doug, and MB showed me around their portfolio room. A few others and I walked to a food truck to get lunch and we all had lunch together in the studio. In the afternoon I had a photo shoot and designed a greeting card. This was a really great experience for me, the feedback was so helpful and it was refreshing to have a new set of eyes look at my work. Karen gave me a lot of great ideas on how to present my work and better prepare for future interviews. Everyone made me feel welcome. Overall, it was a positive experience and I am glad I got to be here.

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