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  • kor group transforms Bond Brothers to Bond, invigorating a 75-year-old brand and positioning the company for the future.

  • New name for a new century

    In-depth qualitative research informs a name change and strong new visual brand that’s applied to uniforms, signage, and site equipment. A URL to Bond’s new website is applied to company vehicles and on-site signage, and serves as a powerful call to action. 
  • Identifying strengths

    Bond’s new identity system uses orange to reflect the company’s commitment to safety, and a bold, clean typographic logo that positions the company as a technology and innovation leader. 
  • Unique but unified

    Folders brand the company’s different divisions while unifying them under the Bond umbrella. Black and white imagery reflects the below ground nature of the Civil & Utility division’s work, while a combination of black and white and four color is used for the broader services folder, illustrating Bond’s diverse range of offerings. 
  • Standing out among the competition

    A new proposal system is organized and easy to read, and tabs incorporate key messages that define the company. Covers are made of recycled plastic, and the title sheet can be customized for each prospective client.  
  • Quality work. Unified team.

    Qualitative research confirmed that Bond’s key strengths are the quality of the company’s work and the team approach of its employees. The new website is created around the platform of team/work.   
  • Bond’s bold new identity and proposal system has meant more project short lists, and the new brand took first place at the 2010 Society for Marketing Professional Services’ National Marketing Communication Awards.