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  • Leveraging experiential discovery, quantitative data, and qualitative research, kor group created a unique, effective integrated communications plan for College of the Holy Cross. 

  • Community relations

    Built on the brand platform Being Holy Cross, the senior viewbook allows students to feel what it means to live and learn in the school’s unique community.
  • The viewbook features URL pointers that lead the audience online, where they can watch a video that reflects the exact moment in time that they’re viewing on the printed page. 

  • Sharing stories

    The junior viewbook appeals to high schoolers by sharing a collection of student stories that illustrate life at Holy Cross. 
  • Content in the junior viewbook is delivered in small chunks so that the younger target audience remains engaged. This story of Donald, a political science major, showcases how marching band and other activities helped him find his place within the Holy Cross community. 

  • Exclusive invitation

    The back side of this travel piece features a poster that truly captures the beauty of the Holy Cross campus. A URL available only on this piece invites students to view an online video trailer and encourages them to self-identify. 
  • Parting gift

    Students who visit the campus receive this keepsake brochure. It’s an intimate piece that highlights the moments and places that make Holy Cross special. 
  • Audience-specific information

    A new homepage for the school’s admissions website uses analytics to create pathways that direct different audiences to specific information. A new virtual tour is prominently placed on the home page for easy access, and tabs for news and events simplify navigation.   
  • Coming to life online

    A series of Being Holy Cross videos brilliantly illustrate different elements of the Holy Cross experience with footage of students in authentic campus situations and settings.  
  • College of the Holy Cross has seen its early decision applications increase by 10 percent, and regular decision applications have reached an all-time high for the school. Page views to the school's admissions website are up 64 percent over the same period last year. Views to the “Visiting Holy Cross” page have increased by 39 percent, and the “Applying” page is up by 50%. The full integrated communications program we developed for College of the Holy Cross has been recognized with a CASE District One-Silver Award, and the viewbook was awarded a CASE District One-Gold Award.