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  • Through qualitative research and experiential discovery, kor group developed a brand and recruitment program for Merrimack College that celebrates its position as one of only two Augustinian schools in the nation. The result? A five percent increase in qualified applicants, and an institution that speaks with a clear, unified voice. 

  • Sharing the story

    Inside the senior viewbook is a small piece that tells the Augustinian story and can be removed for a more intimate reading experience. The larger viewbook shares Merrimack’s academic, experiential learning and student life values by profiling the school’s Learners, Achievers, Doers, and Augustinians.
  • The senior viewbook exemplifies the can-do spirit of the school and its students. This spread profiles a student athlete with a sky-high grade point average who tutors other hockey players.

  • Audience segmentation

    This junior direct mail piece is segmented by gender to increase its impact among its target audience. The book introduces high school juniors to Merrimack’s core brand components: academics, service, and community. 
  • Mission and tradition

    An introductory travel piece combines Augustinian tradition and Merrimack’s mission with a bold invitational phrase: Enlighten. Engage. Empower. Merrimack.
  • Perfect fit

    This guidance counselor kit uses a guidebook and poster to help counselors identify students who might be a good match for Merrimack. 
  • Five schools in one

    Merrimack is a college of five distinct schools. These targeted school brochures highlight the features of each program and the outcomes of partic-ipating students. 
  • A smooth transition

    Merrimack moves students into its programs with ease and confidence. These transfer communications help prospective transfer students envision themselves at Merrimack, and lay out the procedures required for student transfer. 
  • Keeping parents informed

    This newsletter provides up to date information on what’s happening at Merrimack, as well as tips for staying connected with students while they are living on campus. 
  • You’re accepted! Now what?

    A checklist and pencil that encourages yield is a unique accept kit mailer.
  • Introducing the brand

    With new messaging and recruitment programs in place, the time was right to share the new Merrimack brand with alumni through a completely redesigned magazine.